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13477Alastair StubbsBBMP Burning of GarbageI cannot believe you have rejected complaint request #10893915. I'd like to see you be happy breathing in toxic/carcinogenic fumes from the daily burning of garbage (especially plastic) that is carried out by Hiranandani Devanahalli Project. As a politician said in the press recently, "people burning garbage should be treated as rapists and murderers". In case you are ignorant, breathing in plastic fumes causes cancer, which equals a death sentence! Your lack of action will only encourage people to take the law into their own hands. Not wise!AtturuAssigned
23476Alastair StubbsBBMP Burning of GarbageDaily garbage burning at Hiranandani Devanahalli Project.AtturuAssigned
33475SamBBMP Road footpath blockedbad road potholesHBR LayoutAssigned
43474SamBBMP Potholesbad roads , water filled potholesHoramavuAssigned
53473Hima Bellary BBMP Health hazard due to facilityFootpath opposite Vagus Hospital, 18th Cross - Based on my previous complaint, only the mushrooms are removed. The animal waste remains! MalleswaramAssigned
63472Vijay Anand BBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionfootpath is broken at Sarjapura Road -Haralur Road junction opposite to auto stand. following for repair for the past one year. no action from bbmp. prone to accident. Bellanduru(25)Assigned
73471Vijay Anand BBMP Road footpath blockedfootpath blocked at Sarjapura Road - Haralur Road junction opposite to auto stand BellanduruAssigned
83470Hima Bellary BBMP Road footpath blockedThis entire stretch on 18th cross is newly laid footpath and is blocked like the picture shows - diagonally Opposite Chitrakoot Apts and adjoining the wall of Shringar Apts MalleswaramAssigned
93469Hima Bellary BBMP Health hazard due to facilityMushrooms growing in the animal waste on tje footpath - Opposite Vagus Hospital near 18th Cross Bus StandMalleswaramAssigned
103468DharnishBBMP Desilting of road side drainsnear andal temple behind teachers college. work has stopped and nothing has happened since 2 months Vishveshwara PuramAssigned
113467Bharathi DivakarBBMP Removal of Construction debris and other sunkalpet main road is under construction for more than 15 days, debris is not cleared, residents are facing a lot of problem, it's a kind request to clear the debris and complete the work asap as this locality is very conjusted, need to resolve at the earliest K R MarketAssigned
123466Bharathi DivakarBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage being dumped on the road n not cleared, it's an everyday issue hereDharmaraya Swamy TempleAssigned
133465Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbageone more spot in same 3rd A main roadVijnanapuraAssigned
143464Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbageGarbage dumped in 3rd A Min road. when will we have cctv surveillanceVijnanapuraAssigned
153463SanthoshBESCOMLine Breakdownno power since 2 daysShettihalli(90)Assigned
163462SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenanceGood to see repair and maintenance work on this stretch of 29th Main! However, plz ask the team to keep jelly, mud and sand away from road surface. This helps in effective breaking and avoids vehicles skidding accidents. thank you. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
173461T N sankaranarayananBBMP Street light not workingSeveral street lights sodium vapor not working in 3rd A main road. please do the needfulVijnanapuraAssigned
183460Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Street light not workingThird.A main road sodium vapour lights not workingVijnanapuraAssigned
193459Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Street light not workingThird.A main road sodium vapour lights not workingVijnanapuraAssigned
203458Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Street light not workingSeveral street lights Sodium vapor lights not working in 3rd A main road. please attend as early as possible.VijnanapuraAssigned