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1813297h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage laying road side at mei polytechnic collega.vattal nagaraj road ward no 108why bbmo not cleaning ?Subramanya NagarAssigned
1823296h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters/bills are removed yesturday ward no 106areas .Dr. Raj Kumar WardAssigned
1833295h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementllegal posters/bills myself removed at ward no 106 dr rajkumar road 6th blk bus stop area .like this around the bbmp areas displayed BinnipeteAssigned
1843294Shashikant SangleBBMP Removal of garbageits been more than a month now but still issue of garbage is not solved by BBMP.. I have been complaining from Silver County Apartments off Haralur Road. Couple of your officials have seen this garbage dump on 8th Feb., 2019 but didn't take any action and today there is new big pile of garbage dumpped by these tractors/mini trucks. Is there any possibility you can take some action and clear this garbage dump as well?EjipuraAssigned
1853293h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementcorrupted people are looting bbmp revenue like this.why bbmp people are not take action KamakshipalyaAssigned
1863292KarthikBESCOMGeneral Issuestrees touching electric wiresHSR LayoutAssigned
1873291h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters/bills removed more than 20nos . every day i am sending civic issues to bbmp .but bbmp side no action .like this around blre displayed .SriramamandirAssigned
1883290jaikumarBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsit's filled with grass and garbage, major drains connected to this drain Vijnana NagarAssigned
1893289h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage laying on flyover gokula mathikere railway bridge .J P ParkAssigned
1903288h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbageBEL circle surrounding areas garbage laying JalahalliAssigned
1913287Nirmal N SinghBBMP Road maintenanceroad on kasavanahali road are really bad. causing lots of traffic delays and dustBellanduruAssigned
1923286SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenancethis road condition with loose jelly is a hazard for all vehicles specially two wheelers as brakes become ineffective. it is like this for more than a year. plz fix it at the earliest. thank you. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1933285SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenanceThis road cutting has created a dangerous condition for two wheelers that can skid and fall to cause serious injuries to the pillion and the driver. Restore the road to a safe state. PLEASE! B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1943284SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenanceThis road was renovated a few months ago. soon BWSSB Contractor restored its damaged condition! PLZ SET IT OK before accidents kill people! B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1953283SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP PotholesPlz fix this pothole on 29th Main and 4th Cross North side intersection as bicycles, pedestrians, 2-wheelers tend to divert towards the road as they attempt to avoid it. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1963282SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP PotholesPlz fix this pothole as bicycles, pedestrians, 2-wheelers tend to divert towards the road as they attempt to avoid it. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1973281SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenanceThis North side footpath on 29th Main between 3rd Cross and 4th Cross left unattended after cable work is dangerous to pedestrians as well as vehicles. Plz attend. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1983280SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Illigal foothpath encroachmentthe two cables coming from the building on right and going back to the building have no connection to the transformer. these cables and conduits blocking the footpath from use compell pedestrians to move on the road meant for heavy traffic here on 29th Main, BTM II STG. Plz advise the building Soujanya Nivas owner to clear this obstruction. Kuvempu NagarAssigned
1993279varkey thomasBBMP Burning of Garbageburning waste this is the second time I have response from HoramavuAssigned
2003278Sumeer BhataraBBMP Road maintenanceRoad needs maintenanceDodda BommasandraAssigned