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1813022SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Potholesplease repair this pothole at 4th Cross intersection to Madivala lake road before it becomes bigger B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1823021SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Potholesneeds road repair at this corner. of 4A Cross on Madivala lake road. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1833020Swarup sridharBBMP Road footpath blockedThe building has been demolished a month ago and the debris not cleared blocking the footpath and now all garbage being thrown there. Jeevanbhima NagarAssigned
1843019Santhosh BBMP Removal of Construction debris and other This has been lying here since 2months without any claimant, please ensure to clear it.GirinagarAssigned
1853018Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Stray dogsBe careful about the above Dog. It has bitten a boy riding cycle this morning- at the end of 2nd A Cross. BBMP, please do the needful.VijnanapuraAssigned
1863017Shilpa RaoBBMP Health hazard due to facilityNo reason to raise the footpath level for the billboardJayanagarAssigned
1873016SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Potholesthis Corporator size Pothole has caused damage to many two wheelers including mine. please arrange to fill it up to a smooth surface. there are many more similar ones that can be fixed. let us make Bengaluru better. thank you. Bellanduru(103)Assigned
1883015Akshath ShettyBBMP Illigal foothpath encroachmentI need some assistance if any body here can sort this ,issue is vehicles of customer of the Hotel being parked in non parking zone near my in-laws house which is causing an issue to all the residents in the lane to enter their houses ,can share additional details if any body here can assist in addressing thisBasavanapuraAssigned
1893014Nihal KarkalaBBMP Removal of garbageJ P NagarAssigned
1903013MS AhmedBBMP PotholesHello sir in this area to much of path hole from so many years know one is doing the road work kindly make this path holes mohries cleanK R MarketAssigned
1913012Vinodh channakrishna BBMP Fallen tree branchneed to clear tree roootNilasandraAssigned
1923011HemanthBBMP Road maintenancebad condition causing traffic and serious threatAtturuAssigned
1933010Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Street light not workingOne streetlight in 3rd A main road not workingVijnanapuraAssigned
1943009h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of Construction debris and other always debries laying at central college library centre .ward no. 94 areas .till date bbmp side no action .GandhinagarAssigned
1953008h. eswarappaBBMP Potholespot hole issues at high ground signal .ward no 94 GandhinagarAssigned
1963007h. eswarappaBBMP Potholespot hole are created several times .bbmp people are not attend.. when given complaint only bbmp will attend .this is the way bp working .ward no 94,high ground signal areas .AtturuAssigned
1973006rajini eswarBBMP Road maintenancehorrible road next to magadi road metro stationDr. Raj Kumar WardAssigned
1983005MASrinivasBBMP Illigal foothpath encroachmentGIRIAS electronic stores located at Margosa Road and 15th crs road junction is totally blocked by cars Bikes and tempos parked on footpath preventing SrCitizens School and college going children’s and aged pedestrians PLEASE BARRICADE THE ENTERANCE TO FOOTPATH WITH IRON RODS THRU WHICH ONLY PEDESTRIANS CAN WALK AND CATS BIKRS AND TEMPOS CANNOT BE DRIVEN.Kaadu Malleswaram WardAssigned
1993004Shilpa NarayananBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionthis divider has no blinkers and is right opp ulsoor bud stop/Ramakrishna matt. if there is a bus parked, vehicles dont have visibility of this divider C V Raman NagarAssigned
2003003SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Dangerous tree conditionMy complaint request # 10774203 was assigned to Shri Umesh on06 July 2018 and was closed without action/response reporting as “Resolved”! The low lying branch of the tree has become thinner at the point of vehicles impact due to more incidents. If it falls on any road users that include school children, it can cause indeterminate avoidable injury. I AM AGAIN REQUESTING BBMP/ RFO to ACT to prevent an obvious accident! Can we see some action please? B.T.M LayoutAssigned