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213570SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Fallen tree branchRef: 20190111-3: Fallen tree branches on this blind corner with heavy traffic at 6th Cross intersection on 29th main causing pedestrian accident hazard. please clear the broken tree branches. thank you! B.T.M LayoutAssigned
223569SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road footpath blockedRef:20190111-2: 29th Main 6th Cross intersection foot path blocked. please clear it to prevent accidents hurting pedestrians B.T.M LayoutAssigned
233568SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road footpath blockedRef:2019011-1- please clear the foot path between 4-A Cross and 5th Cross on Madivala Lake Road from the rotting tree trunk and water tanker tank belonging to SKV mobile no. 98805 92001. This time do not reject the 4th time request. Thank you. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
243567SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road footpath blockedRef:20190111- please clear the foot path between 4-A Cross and 5th Cross from the tons of garbage on Madivala Lake Road. This time do not reject the 4th time request. Thank you. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
253566sushilBBMP Nuisance by Garbage Tractors or Trucksfront of our house daily sceenBasavanagudiAssigned
263565SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road footpath blockedRef200108: Third time requesting BBMP to clear the foot path on Lake abroad in BTM Layout II Stage: 1. Remove all garbage including Water Tanker’s tank, huge tree stem and discarded sofa. Stop using foot path on opposite side as a garbage dump. Plz do not wait until accident happens and legal action becomes necessary! This time Do not change status of this request to “Resolved” until it is really resolved. thank you! B.T.M LayoutAssigned
273564SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Street light not workingStreet lights on heavy traffic all night on 29th Main between 5th Main and Ring Road not working for more than one month now. This is third time I request to attend for safety of road users, specially ladies and children. PLEASE! B.T.M LayoutAssigned
283563Manoj ThomasBESCOMGeneral IssuesLocation: Vadrapalaya railway parallel mud road. There is no street lights on Vadrapalaya railway parallel road. Robbery, gang attack/molesting are common now and great threat to life of people in this area. Please we don't want any more Nirbhayas. Kind request, please act on the issue asap.HoramavuAssigned
293562Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Burning of Garbageburning of plastic garbage in 3rd A main RoadVijnanapuraAssigned
303561DINESH BESCOMTree Trimmingplease kindly attend the complaint.J P NagarAssigned
313560mohammedBBMP Burning of Garbagefrom morning gabages are burrningDevasandraAssigned
323559mohammedBBMP Cleaning of vacant siteslots of garbage need to clean.DevasandraAssigned
333558Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Cleaning of vacant sitesvacant site full of garbage, that us diagonally opposite to Banaswadi Sub registrar office. Last time complaint was closed, stating that BBMP Sahaaya app can not be edited. very strange.BanasavadiAssigned
343557SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Street light not workingno street lights all through 29th Main in BTM LAYOUT II STAGE B.T.M LayoutAssigned
353556SyedMansurBESCOMGeneral IssuesVijnanapuraAssigned
363555SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsRef 191208: If you can not make it, Do not break it! This storm water drain was broken for rework by BBMP Contractor on 16 November. The mud removed is thrown all over the road to add to PM2.5 pollution for 22 days as of today. School going children are affected by intake of the dust. plz fix it at the earliest. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
373554SyedMansurBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage near police station VijnanapuraAssigned
383553SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsRef: 191207; If You can not make it, DONT BREAK IT! On 17 Nov, BBMP Storm Drain Contractor broke both side drains on 29th Main 3rd Cross intersection. some rebuilding work was seen yesterday after three weeks. What did you gain by causing PM2.5 pollution for three weeks? PLEASE BREAK ONLY IF YOU ARE READY TO RECONSTRUCT. Will you compensate for the health hazard you created for about 900 children attending classes in Vidhya Jyoti School English Medium? My humble request: BE RESPONSIBLE PLEASE! B.T.M LayoutAssigned
393552SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road footpath blockedRef: 12-052: Please arrange to clear the foot path blocked by a Water tanker’s huge tank shown in picture owner: SKV. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
403551SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Fallen tree branchRef 12-051: Please arrange to clear the foot path by removing old fallen tree between 4A Cross and 4B Cross on MADIVALA Lake RoadKuvempu NagarAssigned