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613315h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage and illegal posters/bills are displayed like this ward no 35,18,19,20,93,94,Ganga NagarAssigned
623314h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage always these areas ward no 73 kettigepalya summanahalli junction surrounding areas . why bbmp people/ellected represntaives are not seen ?HerohalliAssigned
633313h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagesummanahalli junction areas huge gabage laying .till date bbmp not cleaned .why like this happening . goonda govt./bbmp also .corrupted people are like this looting bbmp revenue . why govt/bbmp people are seen ? garbage laying issues . like this all 198ward areas same issues .why bbmp not take action ? what kind of works bbmp doing ?HerohalliAssigned
643312h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal flex are displayed at summanahallu junction ward no 73 kottegepallya ward HerohalliAssigned
653311rajini eswarBBMP Road maintenancethis is domlur front if bus stop in front NASSCOMDomlurAssigned
663310Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Burning of GarbageHuge burning of garbage in 3rd A main road sideVijnanapuraAssigned
673309varkey thomasBBMP Burning of GarbageHoramavuAssigned
683308varkey thomasBBMP Burning of GarbageHoramavu Agara Main Road next to transformer..regular burning..HEALTH Inspector .. never bothers HoramavuAssigned
693307rajini eswarBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionfootpath conditionOkalipuramAssigned
703306h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters are displayed at ward no 18,19,20,35,93,94,99areas .wht bbmp not take action .? today myself removed more than 5nos .Aramane NagaraAssigned
713305rajini eswarBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionkeb has changed feeder pillar left a big hole in footpath in kodihalliHAL AirportAssigned
723304SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BWSSBLow Water Pressurewe get less than 2000 L each time. This is not enough for two days for ten people in our building. Please check the route cause for low pressure and fix it. Kuvempu NagarAssigned
733303h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters are removed myself more than 10nos at kumar krupa road ward no 94areas .Shantala NagarAssigned
743302SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BWSSBNight Time Water Releasevery short supply of water. it is more than 54 hours and still no water supply to 49, 3rd Cross, 31st Main BTM II STG ALT source also does not reach us. please check some consumers are using suction pumps on line depriving other users. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
753301h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementtoday these illegal posters/bills are removed morethan 20nos ward no 108areas Subramanya NagarAssigned
763300Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Street light not workingStreet light not working for past 3 days in 3rd A main road near mu home.VijnanapuraAssigned
773299rajini eswarBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage everywhere near vijayanagar so horrible not able to walk on roadsMarenahalliAssigned
783298h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters are displayed at 6th blk rajajinagar ward no 106and 108areas Subramanya NagarAssigned
793297h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage laying road side at mei polytechnic collega.vattal nagaraj road ward no 108why bbmo not cleaning ?Subramanya NagarAssigned
803296h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters/bills are removed yesturday ward no 106areas .Dr. Raj Kumar WardAssigned