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813510Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsStorm water drainage blocked in 3red A main road after heavy rain yesterday. VijnanapuraResolved
823509sushilBBMP Removal of Construction debris and other 25 days no one is cleaning after several request and complaints BasavanagudiResolved
833508S. R. KUMAR BBMP Desilting of road side drainsRoad side Drainage likege sanatoryKadugodiResolved
843507SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BWSSBSanitary Road Damage by BWSSBunsatisfactory work by BWSSB at 48, 30th Main intersection of 3rd cross. plz fix the problem to let the rain water go to storm drain Kuvempu NagarAssigned
853506S. R. KUMAR BBMP Desilting of road side drainsDrainage pipe likege location near Patallamma Temple oppositeKadugodiResolved
863505SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BESCOMGeneral IssuesFor BESCOm complaints, we dial 1912. We listen to the directions to SMS our complaint to 58888 as the line 1912 cannot be attended! and when when we send SMS TO 58888, here is the great response! So now, even robots and IVRs are programmed to tell lies? IS THIS BESCOM Ethics????!!! Ramaswamy PalyaAssigned
873504Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsFCI golden subway fully submerged. need permanent solutionVijnanapuraResolved
883503sushilBBMP Removal of garbage from last 15 days no one has removed this.BasavanagudiResolved
893502SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenancePlease fix this health hazard and Pothole opposite to Vidya Jyoti School for safety of school going children at the earliest. B.T.M LayoutResolved
903501SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenancePlease fix this Corporator size pothole cum health hazard that was created less than one year ago by a BWSSB ContractirB.T.M LayoutResolved
913500sushilBBMP Removal of Construction debris and other BasavanagudiResolved
923499sushilBBMP Removal of Construction debris and other BasavanagudiResolved
933498EithenicBBMP Fallen tree branchleaves not cleared Maruthi Seva NagarResolved
943497Lalith Prasad BBMP Non Cleaning of dustbinsnot cleaned for past 4 daysK R PuramResolved
953496varkey thomasBBMP Cockroach rats and flies problem because of solid waste10 A street littering by commercial establishments..animal carcass HoramavuIn-progress
963495varkey thomasBBMP Road footpath blockedHoramavu Agara Main Road HoramavuIn-progress
973494Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbagechicken waste to be removed in 3rd A main roadA NarayanapuraResolved
983493Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage heap in third A main roadVijnanapuraResolved
993492EithenicBBMP Fallen tree branchlast 30 days nobody had picked up the leaves Maruthi Seva NagarIn-progress
1003491SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Removal of garbagepiled up garbage deposited by BBMP contractors! please arrange to make BBMP Follw what BIOCON does within their exemplary premises! we pay taxes and also medical bills because of BBMP! EjipuraResolved