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813213davidcharlesBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsworst drine water dr 2 monthGottigereAssigned
823212davidcharlesBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsworst drine water FR 3 monthGottigereAssigned
833211davidcharlesBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsworst drine water FR 3 monthGottigereAssigned
843210davidcharlesBBMP Dangerous Electric wire conditionGottigereAssigned
853209davidcharlesBBMP Desilting of road side drainsworst drine water FR one monthGottigereAssigned
863208h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters/bills are displayed at bhshyam circle surrounding areas .ward no 108 today myself remived these bills morethan 20nos .6.30am .several times i sent a message to bbmp .till date bbmp side no action .SriramamandirAssigned
873207davidcharlesBBMP Desilting of road side drainsworst drine water 3 time please update matter seriouslyGottigereAssigned
883206davidcharlesBBMP Water stagnantHemmigepuraAssigned
893205h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementllegal flex advt board like this displayed on tree and electrical pole .why bbmp not take action .at 63cross 5th blk.rajajinagar ward no 108 areas SriramamandirAssigned
903204Nagendra BBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditiondangerous road , holes in the centre of the road HerohalliAssigned
913203rajini eswarBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionin front of kodihalli petrol bunk its like this from 2 monthsHAL AirportAssigned
923202SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BWSSBLow Water PressureNo water supplied for last four days. Very low pressure not enough flow. Please supply with sufficient pressure to at least fill half sump. Srinivas has come to see last week. He saw water flow was very low. After he left water stopped flowing. B.T.M LayoutAssigned
933201Swarup sridharBBMP Dangerous tree conditionBranches of coconut tree touching the electric wire hence unable to clean the tree. Lot of coconuts falling which possesses danger to pedestrians and motorists. Jeevanbhima NagarAssigned
943200h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters are displayed around the ward 108areas like this around bbmp areas . bbmp side no action .better they have resign and go home concern officers .SriramamandirAssigned
953199h. eswarappaBESCOMGeneral Issuesstreet light not on .dark always .why bescom people are not repaired lights . behind ramaiah residence .MattikereAssigned
963198Shilpa NarayananBBMP Desilting of road side drainsdesilting of drainage pipeVijnanapuraAssigned
973197Shilpa NarayananBBMP Drainage ProblemIndira canteen ward 51 ,needs DesiltingVijnanapuraAssigned
983196Shilpa NarayananBWSSBOthers - Water Supply Billing Complaintsno water supply to Indira canteen VijnanapuraAssigned
993195h. eswarappaBBMP Potholesman hole cover damaged on main road ward no 108 72nd cross AtturuAssigned
1003194h. eswarappaBWSSBWater Leakagewater leakage last one year .till date bwssb people are not atteded ..they have replaces the valve behind ramakrishna ashram .hanumant nagarHanumanth NagarAssigned