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1013275THULASIBBMP Dangerous Electric wire conditiondangers wires on street GottigereAssigned
1023274THULASIBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsdangers road stroke water, electric poll to shift GottigereAssigned
1033273Jairaj BWSSBSanitary Overflowsewage man hole open and flowing to road Kaadu Malleswaram WardAssigned
1043272davidcharlesBBMP Dangerous Electric wire conditionDANDERS HEAVY ELECTRICAL POLL AND WIREGottigereAssigned
1053271davidcharlesBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsmost dangers roadGottigereAssigned
1063270davidcharlesBBMP Water loggingGottigereAssigned
1073269davidcharlesBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsbad strome water FR 3 monthGottigereAssigned
1083268h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagekottegepally ward on magadi road huge garBBCage laying on road side upto sunkadekatte why bbm not cleanng ?HerohalliAssigned
1093267Tapas ChakravortyBBMP Removal of garbageIt's been 3 weeks dry garbage has not been collected from our apartment krishbageet shelters 16th E cross 1st main Pailayout Bangalore 560016.. causing health issues to our residents.. immediately some action needed thanks, TapasA NarayanapuraAssigned
1103266ChandruBBMP Removal of garbagePeople are dumping garbage near Gangadhareshwara school at every night and PK are clearing garbage in the morning. Reason PKs are not collecting garbage door to door on daily basis.Shakthi Ganapathi NagarAssigned
1113265h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementward no 108areas like this .and around blre. illegal posters are displayed like this SriramamandirAssigned
1123264h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters are displayed every day like this . today i am rwmoved more than 20nos . why bbmp not take action wirh fine ? like this around the blre 198ward areas same issues .AtturuAssigned
1133263KarthikBBMP Removal of garbagereminder 2 still garbage has not been cleared, concerned officials kindly intervene. online status shows the complaint has been resolved, but no action has been taken. VijnanapuraAssigned
1143262AllenBBMP Cockroach rats and flies problem because of solid wasteGarbage and old flies...BanasavadiAssigned
1153261varkey thomasBBMP Water stagnantHoramavuAssigned
1163260varkey thomasBBMP Cleaning of vacant sitesHoramavuAssigned
1173259varkey thomasBBMP Cleaning of vacant sitesHoramavuAssigned
1183258varkey thomasBBMP Cleaning of storm water drainsHoramavuAssigned
1193257varkey thomasBBMP Cleaning of vacant sitesHoramavuAssigned
1203256varkey thomasBBMP Road maintenanceRoad blocked by shops and outside vehiclesHoramavuAssigned