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1013377varkey thomasBBMP Road footpath blockedLingarajpuram main road...regular everyday affair LingarajapuraAssigned
1023376varkey thomasBBMP Road footpath blockedLingarajapuraAssigned
1033375Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbageAgain garbage on service roadVijnanapuraAssigned
1043374Kishore NBBMP Water stagnantDue to improper road level, it is causing water stagnant and which is leading to mosquitoes. I would request a permanent solution for this.MarenahalliAssigned
1053373EithenicBBMP Fallen tree branchFallen branches and glasses dangerous for kids and pedestrains and vehiclesMaruthi Seva NagarAssigned
1063372EithenicBBMP Fallen tree branchGlass also there dangerous 4 kids a and passer byMaruthi Seva NagarAssigned
1073371Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Burning of GarbageAgain burning of garbageVijnanapuraAssigned
1083370h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage lying always at 80feet road ward no 35area Aramane NagaraAssigned
1093369John M JacobBESCOMLine Breakdownwe have had atleast 15 power cuts today.BanasavadiAssigned
1103368rajini eswarBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionhorrible footpathGangenahalliAssigned
1113367Anand RameshBWSSBOthers - Water Supplywater availability problemDomlurAssigned
1123366Anand RameshBWSSBLow Water PressureDomlurAssigned
1133365Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbagehuge garbage pile in service road near Kasturi Nagar bus stop near skywalker outer ring roadVijnanapuraAssigned
1143364Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Removal of garbagefull garbage in 3rd A main road. please clear it ASAPVijnanapuraAssigned
1153363h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal postere/bills are displyed every day like why bbmp not take action .SriramamandirAssigned
1163362h. eswarappaBBMP Removal of garbagemarappana pallya vegitable market areas huge garbage lying .why bbmp not cleaning daily .Marappana PalyaAssigned
1173361SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Street light not workingno street lights between 4B Cross to 7th Cross along MADIVALA Lake Road B.T.M LayoutAssigned
1183360Sivaraman HariharanBBMP Burning of GarbageDumping and burning of garbage. please don't reject this complaint tooVijnanapuraAssigned
1193359Ramesh Mohan BESCOMGeneral IssuesNot enough street lights in Spandana layout 6th cross. Pl fix themHoramavuAssigned
1203358varkey thomasBBMP Burning of GarbageHoramavuAssigned