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1413153h. eswarappaBBMP Potholesward no 108,#462,64th cross and 62nd cross.5th blk. pot hole not clossed bbmp .SriramamandirAssigned
1423152KarthikBWSSBWater Pipe Damagewater is getting over flow.Shantala NagarAssigned
1433151h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementillegal posters are displated at bhadhyam circle .ward no.108 areas . like this around blre all ward areas like this .bbmp side no action .even high courd orderd ban this kind of posters .Subramanya NagarAssigned
1443150SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenanceThis speed breaker is causing pollution, delays, losses by way of wasted fuel. the only good thing (achche din) is fattening govt revenue. please remove this breakers on both sides of road. it has no associated pedestrian crossing or road crossing. DomlurAssigned
1453149SALAHUDDIN Mhmd BBMP Road maintenancehow is this speed breakerhelpinh either public or BBMP OR traffic police? please remove this immediately. it is only adding to fuel Cessna for the govt. it is causing pollution, time waste and lost money for public. DomlurAssigned
1463148Krishna PanyamBBMP Road footpath blockedcorner of 8th main, 15th crossKaadu Malleswaram WardAssigned
1473147Shilpa NarayananBBMP Road footpath blockedStreet board fallen.. please erect itVijnanapuraAssigned
1483146Jerinapa P ABBMP Removal of garbageThe present condition DevasandraAssigned
1493145h. eswarappaBBMP Abusive advertisementradhakrishna ward no.18 , 80,feet road like this illegal posters are displayed .why bbmp not removed Subramanya NagarAssigned
1503144Jerinapa P ABESCOMVoltage VariationsThe power fluctuating in Anthony building from 3days.DevasandraAssigned
1513143kiran kumar.v BBMP Cleaning of vacant sitesKengeriAssigned
1523142rajini eswarBBMP Removal of garbagelot of garbage in front of auto stand malleswaram circleMalleswaramAssigned
1533141rajini eswarBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage horribleMalleswaramAssigned
1543140sushilBBMP Potholesroad photholeBasavanagudiAssigned
1553139rajini eswarBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditionlot of wires fallen in richmond signal with loads of myd Shantala NagarAssigned
1563138premkumarBBMP Dangerous Electric wire conditionkindly take necessary action as there is no pedestrian walk. it is dangerous as public and school children are walking here. all cable wire are out. it is in dangerous conditionsChickpeteAssigned
1573137shreesha BharadwajBBMP Removal of garbageit's been almost 10 days nobody is bothered to pick up the waste.Rajarajeshwari NagarAssigned
1583136Kiran Kumar JBBMP Dangerous road/ Footpath conditiondangerous footpath service road near medahalli RTOBasavanapuraAssigned
1593135Kiran Kumar JBBMP Removal of garbagegarbage at service road, near medahalli RTOBasavanapuraAssigned
1603134Shilpa NarayananBBMP Home health centre complaintsIndira canteen, bathroom closed and Flies due to neighboring garbage blackspotRamamurthy NagarAssigned